Friday, February 1, 2013

Hidden Current - Cover

Hidden Currents is completed! :)

I hope you guys like how it ended.

I'm going to publish it soon, on Amazon, and this is the cover I am going to use.

Comments are very welcome.


  1. I really love this cover. Really eys catching and mature

  2. Hi Somie, I waited and waited and got annoyed and angry...finally you finished it when I least expected just came to get angry and here we have the whole story and a cover. I like the cover a lot. Its eye catching and beautiful. The story ended well. Bravo

  3. Beautiful! Absolutely love it.

  4. Questions:
    1) What the symbol of message of the flower (or is it a rose petal)?
    2) If it is themed in 'Lagos', why don't you have a picture of the Third Mainland Bridge? (Image has to be thoroughly edited - i'm thinking cartoon edit or so.)
    3) Can we not have picture of Ada not facing the camera but taking a picture on the TMB?
    4) Eddie and Ada in a fighting stance?

    My two (no four) cents. LOL
    Good job somi, Cannot wait for the next story.
    I wonder what it will be about now.

  5. Somi, its finally my pleasure to say bravo, good work nice ending and good cover but I think duni suggestion of a part of lagos will be cool especially d TBM that u are so sentimental abt!!!

  6. Thanks Duni.

    The truth is, I'm going through a flower phase right now, plus my photoshop skills are very suited to flower cover designs. It may change later when maybe, like Ada, I take my camera out for a day a Lagos and capture some "book cover material" shots.

  7. Nice cover! First time on here...all the best!